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Boost Community Engagement with Considerate and Witty Comments: Tips and Examples

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Engaging with your audience on social media is crucial for building a strong online community and growing your brand. You can also think of it as social media etiquette; if you want to receive lots of comments on your post, you should be providing them to others on their posts as well. We're all in this social media game together. This quote sums it up nicely:

Leaving comments on the posts of people in your community is part of community engagement. Not only does it boost their engagement, but it also helps you build a community, expand your network, attract new followers, and spark meaningful conversations.

Here are some tips and examples to help you come up with creative and witty comments:

Set aside dedicated time: Even 20 minutes per day is effective to scroll through your business profile's feed and leave comments on posts from your peers, clients, collaborators, and prospective clients. Consistency is key to building engagement.

Expand your reach by going beyond the accounts you already follow - follow a local hashtag and take your engagement there!

Give what you want to receive: If you desire likes and comments on your own posts, remember that you get what you give. Show genuine interest in others' content by leaving thoughtful comments (not just an emoji!) and they are likely to reciprocate.

Be the comment you want to see! Your comments should hype up the poster where possible. For example: "I have eaten here and the service was amazing! Can't wait to come back"

Think beyond emojis: While emojis are fun, aim to leave high-value comments that go beyond generic reactions. Take a moment to think of something specific and personalized to say about the post, such as a compliment, a question, or a relevant anecdote.

Example: instead of a heart emoji on a picture of a sunset, you could say "Amazing shot, you're so talented!"

Inject humor and wit: Humor can be a powerful tool to grab attention and make your comments memorable. Look for opportunities to add a clever joke, a witty remark, or a playful pun. It’s ok to get a little spicy as long as it is on-brand.

For example on a photo of someone gardening in overalls: "Overall, your garden looks great!"

Offer opinions and hot takes: Don't be afraid to share your thoughts and opinions on relevant topics. Offering a unique perspective or sparking a healthy debate can lead to meaningful discussions and increased engagement. Always be respectful and kind.

For example on a house listing image: "This house is right out of a movie! I'm more of a modern-lines person myself, but someone is going to love making this character cottage their home"

Stay on brand: Make sure your comments align with your brand's personality and values. If your brand is known for being playful and lighthearted, infuse your comments with humor. If it's more professional and serious, keep your comments informative and respectful.

For help developing your authentic brand, see this post.

Creative and witty comments can be a powerful tool to boost community engagement on social media, and stay top of mind. By dedicating time, giving thoughtful comments, injecting humor, offering opinions, and staying on brand, you can create engaging interactions that strengthen your online community and help your brand stand out. So, don't hesitate to get creative with your comments and watch your engagement grow!

Community engagement is something SparkHive Digital offers as part of our Social Media Management packages. Get in touch today if you are ready to take your social media to the next level.

- Anna & Tiffany

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