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Meet the Team

At SparkHive Digital, we pride ourselves on a collaborative and innovative culture. Our team combines diverse skills and extensive experience to create tailored solutions that help clients achieve their goals. We love working together and supporting businesses because your success is our success. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional results and making a positive impact.

Anna Quinn


Anna leads communications, marketing, and web design at SparkHive Digital. She is responsible for crafting engaging content, managing brand communications, and ensuring the digital presence of our clients is both visually appealing and user-friendly. Beyond her professional role, Anna is dedicated to her family, is a fitness nerd and committed to personal development. She supports women in becoming independent and confident!

Tiffany McIntyre


Tiffany spearheads operations, growth, and finance at SparkHive Digital. She creates bespoke websites for clients with advanced requirements, and her tailored solutions produce measurable results. She assists small businesses and entrepreneurs in effectively conveying their brand narratives and engaging their audiences. As a mother of three, she is deeply committed to empowering women and youth in the community.

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